How We Do It

The Entrepreneurial Instinct

Nothing jump starts a conversation like a job. Reconnect Brooklyn is founded on the operating principle that ‘we can figure things out together’. Whether its how to open a cafe or how to deal with a huge life hurdle, the mantra of the Reconnect Brooklyn community is that with enough support and hard work, we can work it out. The spirit is born in the fire of the personal and community struggle that is generations old and finds its expressions in the birthing of businesses that become welcoming schools of earning income while learning about ourselves.

Mentors for the Journey

The scaffolding of Reconnect Brooklyn is constructed with the human beings who come together to form a movement. Mentoring is practiced on all levels of the experience. Youth Partners are involved in the hiring process of new partners and they are professional trainers of new partners. They meet weekly for a shared evaluation of their lives, work, and growth. The Youth Partners are joined with older partners who bring have life experience and professional and educational guidance. The power of mentorship drives the Reconnect Brooklyn community experience.

A Place in the World

Starting in the social enterprise and embedded in a community, Youth Partners discern a ‘place in the world’. The imagination is slowly opened to new possibilities and opportunities that can be accessed through fuller employment elsewhere, education or training.

An Enduring Connection

All Youth Partners are encouraged to continue to be a part of the Reconnect Brooklyn Community. Monthly meetings are held inviting all partners for a meal, a time to catch up, network and troubleshoot situations. Activities happen continuously during the month at Reconnect Brooklyn’s central office. Partners are also encouraged to continue to engage their mentors, work with the shared computers, and create using the graphics equipment.