I started Reconnect with Father Jim in 2010. I grew up in the neighborhood with all the tough parts – a lot of violence and death. I spent a bit of time incarcerated and when I came home I was proud to be a part of creating something in the neighborhood that was never there for the young men. I opened the Café in 2013 and have worked with dozens of guys as a manager and a mentor. It is always a part of my legacy. I recently became a member of the Reconnect Board of Directors and hope the help guide the organization into the future.


Being a partner in Reconnect Brooklyn has led me to believe that I bring ‘something to the table’. I spent so much energy before self-depreciating with no idea about my own talents, and honestly feeling ‘useless’. I have to say that being a part of the community, I know where I want to go and what I have to do to get there. I will always be grateful for the guidance, the re-enforcement and the support. I’m currently working as an office assistant in Westchester County and finally appreciating who I am.


I really valued the opportunity to become part of the Reconnect family. It had the perfect combination of being able to make some money - which was critical - and to be a part of a community that is there to support me as I was making moves for my future. I achieved my CDL certification and recently was hired by the MTA in Baltimore. These are great steps, but I'm not done.


Edwin, whose journey with Reconnect Brooklyn started as a Barista at the Cafe, has begun the pursuit of his passion for physical fitness. Edwin is currently a trainer at Crunch Fitness, training and coaching clientele towards a healthier lifestyle. Edwin is also a Golden Gloves/ Ringmaster finalist in the sport of boxing and seeks to continue his mastery of the craft. His goal is to eventually grow his clientele and open his own gym as a licensed trainer.


Roberth was also a Barista at the Cafe back in 2015. He is currently working at Reconnect Graphics, assisting in training and overseeing the new cohort in their development and functionality. Roberth is also an enrolled student at Medgar Evers College, and has just begun his first semester in college; his goal is to pursue a career in Nursing.